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Our Services

At Eden Care, we are dedicated to enriching lives. 

Eden Care is dedicated to empowering individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities through a comprehensive suite of services designed to promote independence, inclusivity, and personal growth.

Our specialized day programs, residential services, job placement, and mentorship initiatives are tailored to meet the unique needs of each person we support, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. 

Our experienced team is committed to providing compassionate, high-quality care and support, making us the trusted choice for families seeking a nurturing and enabling environment for their loved ones. 

About us

Our services are not limited to what you see here. Have a question or need something in particular?

Day Services

We are dedicated to providing active, community-based, mobile services as well as direct, personalized, onsite adult day care for disabled adults.

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Residential Placements

Providing conventional and unconventional long term, short term, and emergency residential services for disabled individuals: Whether in the Guardian Homes, a high quality Host Home Provider Homes, or a safe well informed Respite Home or any combination of the three.

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Client Employment Services

Where appropriate, we offer employment counseling, mentorship, and job placement services, as well as job coaching and support for employers to help make your placement a success.

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Eden Care Facility Services Under SLS Waiver

Suported Living Services



Supported Living Services (SLS) enable individuals age 18 and over to continue living in the family home or independently in the community using paid supports to augment available (existing) natural and generic community supports. This model is ideal for individuals who can live independently with limited supports, or who, if they need extensive support, can get that support from other sources such as their family. Key concepts of Supported Living Services (SLS) include individual choice, participation in typical activities and functions of community life, and maximizing independence. Supported Living Services offers a variety of service options. 


Homemaker Services

Eden Care Facility provides assistance in performing basic household tasks (i.e. cleaning and laundry) in the individual's home.



Eden Care Facility provides mentorship in order to promote self-advocacy through instruction, modeling, and advising.

Personal Care

Eden Care Faciliy also provides assistance with daily living tasks such as bathing, eating, dressing, grocery shopping, and money management. Assistance may be in the form of hands- on assistance or cuing to prompt the individual in performing the task.


Respite Services

Eden Care Facility LLC specializes in  supervision and support to individuals in the absence of or when the primary care giver needs relief. Respite services are available on an hourly or daily basis and can be provided within or outside of the individual's place of residence.


Non-Medical Transportation

Eden Care Facility offers transportation services to and from day program an general access to community services, activities, and resources.

Comprehensive (HCBS-DD) Services

HCBS-DD provides Medicaid Waiver funded: residential, day habilitation, and supported employment, transportation, behavioral, vision and dental services to qualifying individuals age 18 and over who require extensive supports to live safely in the community and do not have other resources to meet those needs

Residential Services: provide individuals with 24 hour access to supervision and support. Individuals may choose to live and receive services in the family home, or may elect to live and receive services outside of the family home. The level of supervision and support provided to the individual in each setting is based on the assessed individual need. Options for living outside of the family home include group home, host home, and apartment settings.

Individual Residential Services & Support (IRSS)

Committed to Quality

We use a variety of living arrangements individually designed to meet each individual's needs. The individual may live in a home owned or leased by Eden Care Facility LLC, their own home or a Host Home. IRSS services are generally provided to no more than two persons receiving services per setting although three person settings are allowed under certain circumstances.


Personal Care Alternative Programs

Dedicated to those we serve

Eden Care Facility offers Personal care alternatives (PCA) which include host homes or clustered/ staffed apartments. No more than three individuals may live in any one apartment or home. Twenty-four hour accessible supervision and supports are available.


Day Program Services

Our Colorado Service Area

We have facilities in Aurora and Castle Rock, and regularly provide mobile services from Centennial to Denver.

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